UPS Shipment Voided: Riding the Shipment Waves

a shipment may be voided for many reasons

  • Written by Alex Dolce
  • Published on December 29, 2023
  • Time to read 9 minutes


Shipping isn’t always easy, and it’s hard to know what to do when you do run into a problem. Sometimes, you void a shipment, while other times, your shipment gets a void. So, in today’s guide, we talk about UPS specifically and what to do when you hit a little bump in the shipping road, your package gets the void treatment the dreaded words: “ups shipment voided” appear. So, let’s dive into why this happens and give a few tips on how to surf these shipping waves like a pro.

1. Unraveling the Mystery: UPS Shipment Voided?

To start, you may wonder, “Why was my shipment voided”? Well, there are many different reasons this happens. A couple of them include a mix-up of addresses or even a last-minute change of plans. The shipping universe is full of surprises. That’s why pinpointing why your shipment got the ax is step one in cracking this shipping code. So, what’s your next step?

2. Take the Reins: Hit Up UPS Customer Service

The next best step in determining why your shipping has the “void” label is to give UPS customer service a ring. Usually, they’ll ask for your tracking number, and then you can spill the details of your shipment saga. Remember, these folks are your go-to gurus, and they’ll give you everything you need to know why your package got the void treatment. Plus, they’ll help give you information on the following steps. 

3. Shake It Off and Reship: Crafting a New Shipping Game Plan

If you find out your package needs a second chance, it’s time to channel your inner shipping maestro. So, you need to print a fresh shipping label and ensure your location, spelling, and overall label contents are accurate. Overall, accuracy is your secret weapon to dodge any future shipping hiccups.

4. Dollar Bills, Y’all: Refunds and Adjustments

As another important tip, if your shipment was prepaid and you got the void boot before the pickup, you might be in for a sweet refund or adjustment. If this happens, you can look into the UPS refund policies, shoot your shot, and see if you get your dollars back.

5. Keep It Real: Tracking Updates and Stayin’ in the Loop

As another good reminder that’s true for any shipment, keep an eye on your package and delivery status. If you do that, it’s pretty easy to see whether your package has the “void” label. Call UPS for the lowdown if anything seems fishy or there’s a delay. Communication is critical to getting things done, and as we said before, they help you with everything you need for your package worries.

6. Document Like a Boss: Cover Your Back

In the world of shipping, documentation is your sidekick. Therefore, write down every chat with UPS, note tracking and reference numbers, and screenshot those confirmation emails. A solid paper trail gets you out of this pickle and sets you up for future shipping adventures.

Conclusion: Smooth Sailing 

So, your UPS shipment hit a detour. But it’s no biggie! You’ll be back on smooth seas by staying in the loop, getting help from UPS support, and rolling with the shipping punches. Remember, shipping surprises happen, but with these reminders and tips, you’re the captain of this shipping ship.

Ready to tackle this? Give UPS a shout for a roadmap out of this shipping maze. 

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