$1 Million/year


3000+ a day



About Vuori:

Headquartered in Encinitas, California, Vuori designs and sells clothing inspired by the SoCal lifestyle, mixing athletic performance with sustainable style. They have an engaged community with retail shops throughout the US, as well as a distribution center shipping thousands of packages a day. Their popularity has only grown as more and more people try their products.

Challenges Vuori Faced

As their business thrived, their fulfillment process needed to keep pace. How could they keep shipping costs down? Could they speed up the way they were fulfilling orders? They were utilizing a legacy warehousing management system paired with file drops. Whatever solution they chose would not only need to save them money on their shipping costs, but it would also need to integrate with their current WMS.

Top Favorite Functions:


Nearly $1 million saved annually


Direct access to developers to streamline integration


Fulfillment time savings daily

How Vuori Partnered with eHub

In order to properly integrate Vuori’s inhouse software with eHub’s API, the eHub team developed a custom integration for Vuori’s systems. We did it at no additional charge, it’s all a part of our process. This integration gave them access to more shipping products and service levels they didn’t have before, as well as allowed them to implement business rules to streamline the shipping process with predetermined weights and sizes. The eHub team took feedback from the Vuori team about what they needed, and our team used that information to create a competitive shipping program.

The shipping specialists at eHub provided a strategy to shift over 44,000 shipments to a different service level that was not only cheaper, but didn’t compromise on speed of delivery either. eHub also provided reporting and end of day scans to track shipments.

The shipping strategy resulted in savings on over 61% of Vuori’s shipments,with nearly $1 million of savings annually. Not only that, but the whole distribution center saved 2 hours a day, creating a more efficient workflow that gained further savings on overhead and employment costs.

It's official: eHub has acquired ShipKey
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