20-30% per label


600+ a day



About Sewing Parts Online:

Sewing Parts Online is located in Dickson, Tennessee, and has been in business since 2008, fulfilling over 1 million orders since then. A quality sewing machine can last for decades with the proper care and parts, which is where Sewing Parts Online excels. They sell a variety of parts and accessories for the top global sewing brands.

How Sewing Parts Online Partnered with eHub

Sewing Parts Online were using an order management software that had switched to eHub’s API for rate shopping and shipping. After they upgraded their software system, one of the perks of the upgrade was an integration with eHub. The switch went as expected, instantly providing savings to Sewing Parts Online.

“With our Order Management Software using eHub, it’s all pretty seamless and it’s a lot quicker to get a package out the door.”

– According to Jeremy, COO at Sewing Parts Online

eHub’s API had a seamless integration with Sewing Parts Online order manager- offering a 20% time savings on top of the 20-30% shipping savings. This allows them to improve their customer experience, resulting in fulfilling more sales quickly, more scalability, and a greater bottom line as they fulfill the next million orders.

Top Favorite Functions:


20% daily time savings for the warehouse team


20-30% savings on each label


Direct contact with customer support staff for easy integration

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