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About Muley Freak:

Muley Freak is all about hunting accessories and apparel. Located in Ogden, Utah, Muley Freak embodies the western hunting aesthetic. They had been using a different shipping solution, but after seeing what kind of rates and service they’d receive, they thought it might be worth a try.

How Muley Freak Partnered with eHub

Prior to implementing eHub, they thought they were receiving the best rates possible and that their manual fulfillment was just how things were. After an eHub shipping specialist reached out to them, they started a conversation about some strategies Muley Freak might be interested in.

They found that they could get a much better deal with eHub after asking for a cost-analysis. One of the main things that made them switch from ShipStation to eHub was eHub’s team implementing business rules for them, which would make the entire shipping process seamless and efficient for them. After switching to eHub, they’ve been able to ship out more orders more quickly thanks to business rule automation.

Since implementing eHub’s software, Muley Freak has seen significant cost savings, lower overhead, and better customer service results while maintaining the quality that their customers appreciate.

Some of the main challenges we faced were getting the lowest rates possible and getting better customer service when we had an issue.

– Aaron van Woerkom, Operations Manager at Muley Freak

Top Favorite Aspects of eHub:


Rate savings of 21% per label


Streamlined fulfillment process for quick turnaround


Efficient, easy customization

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