Over $700k per Year


40,000 Orders per Week



About Vox Fulfillment:

Reliable Ecommerce Distribution

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Vox Fulfillment is a 3PL (also known as a third-party logistics provider). They manage the warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment for a variety of businesses ranging from small solopreneur businesses to Fortune 500 companies. They ship all over the world, fulfilling orders that include around 7500 packages a day.

The financial impact is literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

– Andy Collins, Vox Fulfillment General Manager

Challenges Vox Faced

With such a high volume, they needed a high level of service paired with the ability to rate shop to find the lowest shipping rates for their packages. They also needed a solution that could integrate with their WMS, TMS, and IMS for domestic and international shipments.

They were using a combination of their own software in partnership with, but were curious if there was a way to integrate their software with something more cost-effective. Since their business revolves around logistics and fulfillment, keeping costs low is a priority. The companies they partner with have come to expect a certain level of service and efficiency, so keeping shipping rates low helps them to continue to offer that same great service without having to raise costs.

“We use a homegrown software for WMS, IMS, and TMS, but we were looking for a better carrier mix to bring down our shipping cost.”

– Andy Collins, Vox Fulfillment General Manager

Top Favorite Functions:


Hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings


Direct access to developers to streamline integration


Customer support knowledge and response

How Vox Partnered with eHub

In order to properly integrate Vox’s inhouse software with eHub’s API, the EHub team developed a custom integration free of charge as part of our services.

“Our team did a direct API connection to eHub which gave access to additional carriers and discounted shipping rates.”

– Andy Collins

Once the API implementation was completed, the Vox team started seeing savings immediately.

“We save on nearly every package we send.” Collins added.

Since May of 2020, when Vox originally signed up with eHub, their savings are over $700k and counting.

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