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How Snapl Optimizes Performance with eHub’s KPIs In a global economy where logistics and shipping are paramount, Snapl has harnessed […]

  • 21%

    Label cost decrease

  • 25%

    More label processing

  • 44%

    Less label reconciliation

  • 9%

    Better label tracking

How Snapl Optimizes Performance with eHub’s KPIs

In a global economy where logistics and shipping are paramount, Snapl has harnessed the power of eHub’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to optimize its operations. This case study will explore the symbiotic relationship between Snapl and eHub, demonstrating how the latter’s innovative solutions have helped transform Snapl’s shipping processes.

About Snapl

Snapl, located at 410 Jersey Ave. in Gloucester City, NJ, is a warehouse and shipping company founded in 1989. With a 35,000 sq.ft. temperature-controlled warehouse and nine employees, Snapl ships approximately 5,000 orders per month to both B2B and B2C customers. The company also operates trucks that make local deliveries within New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

The Problem

Before partnering with eHub, Snapl’s shipping was managed manually, with labels purchased directly from carrier accounts. This method proved expensive, especially with USPS, and challenging to manage, inhibiting the company’s ability to scale and affecting revenue and growth projections.

The Solution

Upon being contacted by eHub, Snapl transitioned to using eHub’s online shipping management system,, to manage shipment packaging, volume, and overall label spend. Additionally, the platform enabled the creation of end-of-day manifests for USPS and DHL.

The Impact

Since implementing eHub, Snapl has seen significant improvements in its bottom line. Specifically, the company has experienced:

eHub Impact

  • 21% Decrease in Label Cost

  • 25% Increase in Label Processing Volume

  • 44% Decrease in Label Reconciliation

  • 9% Increase in Label Tracking Accuracy

Furthermore, merchants have commented on the noticeable improvement in order processing and communication, and there has been a reduction in inquiries related to shipment delays and issues.

Scaling the Business

The intuitive interface and automation features of eHub’s platform have allowed Snapl to manage and track shipping labels more efficiently. This has resulted in reduced overhead, fewer manual errors, and the ability to onboard new merchants, thereby expanding the business.

Customer Support

Snapl has found eHub’s customer support to be exceptional, with prompt responses and solutions to any issues that have arisen during the onboarding process and beyond.

Integration with Existing Systems

eHub’s flexible API seamlessly integrated with Snapl’s Order Management System (OMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), creating a cohesive bridge between operational software and shipping label management.

The end result for us is a transformative improvement in our shipping and label management operations. We’ve found that eHub and their platform has not just been a tool but a strategic partner that has empowered us to deliver better, faster, and more reliably, positioning us for sustained growth in a competitive marketplace.


In summary, the partnership between Snapl and eHub has revolutionized Snapl’s shipping and label management operations. The various improvements and benefits detailed in this case study underscore the value of eHub’s KPIs and the company’s role as a strategic partner in Snapl’s ongoing success. Looking forward, Snapl is eager to further integrate and expand its use of eHub’s features and services, confident that this partnership will continue to be a pivotal aspect of its success in a competitive marketplace. See more about Snapl at

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