Does UPS ship to PO boxes? Short answer. No. But, UPS has two options to solve that problem. They’re called UPS Surepost and UPS Mail Innovations. Here is a guide to understanding the two.

When it comes to shipping packages, understanding the options available is crucial. Thus, one common question that arises is “Does UPS deliver to PO boxes?” Box addresses. So, in this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of UPS shipping services and explore whether they offer P.O. Box delivery. 

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of UPS’s policies regarding P.O. Box shipments and the steps to ship to a P.O. Box address using UPS. Let’s dive in!

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UPS Services and P.O. Box Delivery

UPS, known for its extensive shipping network, offers various services tailored to different shipping needs. However, when it comes to P.O. Box addresses, the options may vary. Thus, in this section, we will explore the different UPS services available and their compatibility with P.O. Box delivery. 


UPS SurePost

First, UPS SurePost is a service that combines the strengths of UPS and the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is commonly used for residential deliveries, but what about P.O. Box addresses? Let’s find out.


UPS Mail Innovations 

Next, UPS Mail Innovations is another service that leverages the collaboration between UPS and USPS. So, discover how this service aligns with P.O. Box delivery requirements.


Shipping to a P.O. Box Using UPS

Now that we have examined the UPS services related to P.O. Box deliveries, let’s explore the step-by-step process of shipping to a P.O. Box address using UPS. Thus, this section will guide you through the necessary preparations and procedures.


Packaging and Labeling Requirements

First, to ensure a smooth shipping experience, it is essential to properly package your item and adhere to UPS’s packaging guidelines. Learn about the specific requirements and tips for packaging when shipping to a P.O. Box.


Choosing the Right UPS Service

Selecting the most appropriate UPS service is crucial for successful P.O. Box delivery. Thus, you must evaluate the available options, considering factors such as package weight, size, and delivery speed.

UPS does offer a UPS mailbox service through their physical locations. You can read more about this service here. 


Completing Shipping Documentation

Also, accurate and complete shipping documentation is vital for hassle-free delivery. Discover the necessary forms, labels, and information required when shipping to a P.O. Box using UPS.


Paying for Shipment

Next, understand the cost factors involved in shipping to a P.O. Box address with UPS. Learn about the payment options, potential surcharges, and how to estimate shipping fees.


Dropping Off the Shipment

Also, explore the various UPS drop-off locations where you can conveniently submit your packaged item for delivery to a P.O. Box. Additionally, learn about pickup options and scheduling.


Tracking Your Shipment

Finally, tracking your package provides peace of mind throughout the shipping process. Uncover the tools and methods available to monitor your shipment’s progress when shipping to a P.O. Box using UPS.


So Does UPS Ship to PO Boxes? Some Shipping Considerations

While UPS offers P.O. Box delivery, there are some essential considerations to keep in mind. Further, understanding these factors will help you navigate any potential challenges or limitations when shipping to a P.O. Box. 

A top alternative to UPS is FedEx, to learn more about whether or not this competitor delivers to PO boxes,  you can consult another one of our articles on the topic here. 


Geographic Limitations

P.O. Box delivery availability may vary based on your location. Learn how UPS’s service coverage for P.O. Box shipments can differ from region to region.


Service Speed and Delivery Times

UPS SurePost and UPS Mail Innovations may have different delivery speeds compared to standard UPS services. Therefore, you must discover how these services align with your time-sensitive shipping needs.


Package Weight and Size Restrictions

Finally, certain limitations apply to P.O. Box shipments concerning package weight and dimensions. Familiarize yourself with the weight and size restrictions imposed by UPS when shipping to P.O. Boxes.



In conclusion, UPS does offer shipping services to P.O. Box addresses through UPS SurePost and UPS Mail Innovations. By following the outlined steps, you can successfully ship packages to P.O. Box recipients using UPS. 

Next, remember to consider geographic limitations, service speed, and package restrictions to ensure a smooth shipping experience. Also, stay informed by visiting the official UPS website or reaching out to UPS customer service for the most up-to-date information on P.O. Box shipments. 

With this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge to navigate UPS’s P.O. Box shipping options confidently. Start shipping your packages to P.O. Boxes with ease and convenience using UPS!

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