eCommerce Warehouse Management System 101

a critical tool for success is an intelligent warehousing system

  • Written by Tess Holman
  • Published on December 29, 2023
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In online shopping, where people want things quickly, businesses need a dialed fulfillment system. A critical tool for success is an intelligent system for handling stuff in the warehouse. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why this system (called an ecommerce warehouse management system or WMS) is crucial for online businesses. We’ll also look at what it does, how it helps, and how it can change how businesses handle their products and send them to customers.

Understanding Online Shopping Warehouse Systems

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a computer program that ensures everything in the warehouse is organized and easy to find. A good WMS is essential for online shops, where many people always buy things. Let’s check out the cool stuff WMS can do for online stores.

  • Knowing What’s in Stock Right Now

Imagine you’re running a store. It’s important always to know how much of each item you have. WMS helps by telling you in real-time how many things you have, where they are, and if they’re ready to be sold. This helps avoid situations where you run out of things people want or have too much of something that sits on shelves without moving.

  • Making Orders Happen Smoothly

When someone buys something online, it’s like a little mission to get it to them. WMS makes this mission easier by packing and preparing the order for shipping. This helps get orders to customers faster and with fewer mistakes.

  • Putting Things in the Right Place

WMS helps to plan and organize products so each item has its place. This helps save workers time when they need to find something because everything has its perfect spot.

  • Magic Barcodes and Tags

WMS uses special codes and tags to keep track of items. When all the products are tagged with a barcode, it makes organizing, tracking, and finding products so much simpler. This also ensures that things are where they should be and helps avoid mistakes.

  • Guessing What People Want

WMS helps to mitigate risks by using predictive analytics to help anticipate needs and trends. It looks at past sales and figures out what people might want to buy in the future. This helps stores be ready with enough of the right things so they never run out or have too much.

Benefits of Using Online Shopping Warehouse Systems

Now that we know what an ecommerce warehouse management system does, let’s talk about why it’s so fantastic for online shops. Here are some perfect things that happen when businesses use WMS.

  • Getting Things Done Faster and Better

WMS helps workers do their jobs faster and better. This means they can finish more things in less time, making the whole process smoother and more efficient.

  • Sending the Right Stuff to Customers

WMS is like a superhero for making sure orders are correct. This means customers get what they ordered without any mistakes. Happy customers mean more people want to return to shop at that store.

  • Saving Money

WMS can help businesses save money in different ways. It can make workers more efficient, use space better, and avoid mistakes that cost money to fix.

  • Growing Without Worrying Too Much

Imagine your store is like a tree, and you want it to grow tall. WMS is like the roots of that tree. It helps the store grow without any problems. Even if the store gets bigger, WMS can handle it without any issues because the foundation for scaling has been laid.

  • Making Customers Happy

When things run smoothly, and customers get what they want quickly, they’re happy. WMS helps create happy customers, and happy customers tell their friends. It’s like a chain reaction of good feelings.

Challenges and Things to Think About When Using Smart Warehouses

Using an intelligent warehouse system is fantastic, but it’s not always easy. Here are some things to think about and some challenges that might come up.

  • Making Friends with Other Computer Programs

WMS needs to talk to other computer programs in the store, like the one that keeps track of money (ERP). Sometimes, this can be a bit tricky and time-consuming to ensure that communication is initiated and running smoothly. It takes a little while for the operation to run effortlessly, and for some, it takes strategic planning time-wise so the shift doesn’t adversely affect the business.

  • Teaching Everyone the New Way

Everyone must learn how to use a new WMS when a store gets a new WMS. It’s like getting a new toy but also a bit like learning a new game. Making sure everyone knows how to use it is essential. Again, taking the time to slow down and transfer processes and procedures can be frustrating for some. Humans are creatures of habit, and changing those habits is difficult at first. 

  • Spending Money to Save Money

Even though using WMS can save a lot of money in the long run, getting it set up costs money. It’s like buying a perfect tool for a job. Businesses must consider whether they can spend a bit now to save later.

  • Making Sure the WMS Grows with the Store

If a store gets bigger, the WMS needs to grow with it. Choosing a WMS that can handle a bigger store is important. Because it can be a costly change financially and with time, you want to mitigate the risks of doing the process more than once. 

Solutions with eHub:

If you feel your business is in the sweet spot of wanting to implement a system like this, you don’t know where to start. eHub can help! We have an extensive network of service providers and connections we use to help businesses like yours. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how our services can benefit your business. 


In online shopping, having a sound system for managing things in the warehouse is like having a secret weapon. An innovative ecommerce warehouse management system (WMS) makes everything run smoothly. It helps businesses know what they have, send orders faster, and make customers happy.

While using WMS can be tricky at first, the benefits are enormous. Businesses can save money, grow without worries, and keep customers smiling. Like big online shops such as Amazon and Zappos, businesses that use WMS are setting themselves up for success in the exciting world of online shopping. So, the next time you click “buy” on your favorite online store, remember there’s an intelligent system behind the scenes to ensure everything happens just right.

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