3PL WMS: Making Warehouses Work

unravel the mystery behind 3PL WMS

  • Written by Tess Holman
  • Published on December 27, 2023
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Let’s unravel the mystery behind 3PL WMS – a superhero combo that helps warehouses do their job well. This blog post will guide you to understanding what a 3PL WMS is, how it works, and why it’s like magic for modern-day warehouses.

Chapter 1: What is 3PL WMS?

Let’s start with the basics. 3PL means Third-Party Logistics, and WMS stands for Warehouse Management System. Imagine this software as the warehouse boss, ensuring everything runs smoothly. It helps manage the storage, tracking, and movement of goods, making the warehouse process much more manageable.

Chapter 2: How Does 3PL WMS Work?

Think of 3PL WMS as the brain of a warehouse operation. It works with other systems to make sure when you order something, it gets picked, packed, and shipped without any hiccups. It’s like having a superhero keep an eye on everything in the warehouse, ensuring everything goes according to plan.

Chapter 3: The Cool Things 3PL WMS Does

Now, let’s talk about the cool stuff 3PL WMS can do:

Getting Things Right:

  • 3PL WMS uses unique technology to pick and pack the right products. This means fewer mistakes and happier customers.

Getting Things Done Fast:

  • It helps warehouses work faster. This means you get your orders quicker because everything is organized and efficient.

Knowing What’s In Stock:

  • 3PL WMS keeps track of everything in the warehouse in real-time. It tells the warehouse when to order more stuff and helps keep the right things in stock.

Seeing the Big Picture:

  • Everyone involved – from the people sending the products to the ones receiving them – can see what’s happening. It’s like having a big map showing where everything is and what’s going on.

Chapter 4: How 3PL WMS Changes Things

Now, let’s talk about how using this software can make a big difference:

Saving Money:

  • Even though getting 3PL WMS might seem like spending a lot initially, it saves money in the long run. It makes everything work better, so the costs decrease, and the business makes more money.

Growing with the Business:

  • When a business gets bigger, it needs more help. Shipping software is like a friend that can grow with the business. It helps handle more orders and more products without a problem.

Making Customers Happy:

  • In the online shopping world, making customers happy is super important. Specialized shipping software ensures that orders are correct and arrive on time, making customers happy and likely to return for more.

Being Better than Others:

  • In the busy world of businesses, having 3PL WMS gives a business an advantage. It makes things smoother and faster, making the business stand out.

Chapter 5: Dealing with Challenges

But, like all stories, there are some challenges:

Learning New Things:

  • People in the warehouse need to learn how to use 3PL WMS. Training helps them understand how it works and why it’s helpful.

Getting Better All the Time:

  • Like apps on your phone get updates, 3PL WMS needs updates, too. This ensures it keeps getting better and can do even more cool things.

Talking to Each Other:

  • Everyone needs to talk to make things work well. People in the warehouse must share their thoughts and problems so that using 3PL WMS is accessible and helpful for everyone.

Chapter 6: Looking for a WMS?

It’s one thing to know you could benefit from WMS, but another to find one that works for your business. We have compiled a list of potential partners that could suit your needs.

Logiwa Logiwa WMS is Built for High-Volume Fulfillment. Fulfill brilliantly with our AI-powered, accurate cloud warehouse management system—power up your fulfillment operations with AI-optimized automation, user-centric design, and actual cloud infrastructure.

infoplus: Warehouse management software that empowers you with flexibility, expert guidance, and powerful tools to regain control of your inventory, master supply chain complexity, and consistently exceed your client’s expectations.

Techdinamics: Achieve accurate & quick order fulfillment without increasing your operating costs. One-stop integration and fulfillment technology solutions that solve your in-house, outsourced, and drop shipping fulfillment problems.


So, to sum it up – 3PL WMS is like the superhero of warehouses. It makes everything run smoothly, saves money, helps businesses grow, and keeps customers happy. It’s not just a tool; it’s a friend for businesses, ensuring they do their best in logistics. So, next time you order something online, know that 3PL WMS is working behind the scenes to ensure you get it right!

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