What Does the Status “Shipping Label Created” Mean?

This…this is a weird one, but it has a logical explanation.

Quick lesson on logistics: the way you get any status update in the first place comes down to labels. These days, pretty much every piece of parcel mail has a label, and all of those are computer generated. The reason a handwritten label won’t do is because the primary purpose of the label is to put a barcode on the package.

This makes them scannable and easy to read for computers, which means packages can be tracked as they enter and leave facilities.

Your package was picked up by the carrier? They scanned it, and you got the “departed” status update. It reached a sorting facility? It got scanned again, and now you know it’s in Kansas (though you probably don’t know why).

This system works great, all the way to when they scan it and leave it at your door. At least, it does when the package is actually scanned.

Sometimes, when retailers hand off the package to the carrier, the carrier fails to scan it before loading it into the truck and sending it off to the next destination. In this case, you’ll get one of two confusing status updates, depending on whether the retailer dropped it off with the carrier, or the carrier picked up the package at the retailer’s warehouse.

The former results in a “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item” status. The latter results in a “Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending” status. Both mean the same thing: the item is in transit already, but the USPS employee missed the scan before sending it on.

Shipments aren’t officially considered “accepted” by the USPS until they are properly labeled and successfully scanned (which is why you’re getting the error status). This status means they’ve missed it thus far, but it won’t be too long before the error is corrected (most likely at the next sorting facility).

So fret not! Your precious parcel is still proceeding on the proper path.

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