Shipping Status: What Does “Ready to Ship” Mean?

“Ready to ship” is the precursor to “departed.” Contrary to popular belief, retailers, and their suppliers, don’t always have enough inventory to meet spikes in demand.

Usually, they will try to avoid issues by keeping sufficient stock, resupplying regularly, and by disallowing purchases of out-of-stock items. These systems aren’t foolproof, though, and the “out of stock” sign doesn’t always go up when it should, which leaves some customers to wind up purchasing items that aren’t currently on hand.

Bottom line: there are numerous ways a business can find itself coming up short on inventory, so most will commit items that are present in inventory to orders as they start to fill them (so they don’t double commit a product). Once the product is pulled, packaged, and ready to load onto a truck, they mark it “ready to ship.”

Kind of like the attractive leads in a crime drama who always bicker with one another.

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