What Does the Shipping Status “Out for Delivery” Mean?

Here’s one that’s either a blessing, or a curse, depending on your schedule for the day.

“Out for delivery” is exactly what it says on the tin: the parcel is on the delivery vehicle, and the driver is making their rounds. You might be first. You might be last. More likely, you’re somewhere in the middle (statistically, at least). But at some point, that driver will have to get rid of that package, and it’s in their best interest if it’s done somewhere in the vicinity of your house.

Not every carrier treats delivery the same, or even treats delivery the same way all year long. “Delivery driver” is an underappreciated profession, and at peak shipping times, it’s a job that requires long hours, often in unfavorable weather conditions. And sometimes, they’re just trying to get their deliveries done so they can go home and rest (especially around holidays).

So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if your package is…treated like a “hit and run.”

On good days, they’ll knock on your door, wait for an answer, have you sign, bid you “good day,” and then carry on their merry way. Over hundreds of stops in a day, though, that can add a lot of time to the process, so a driver may skip some (or all) of those steps, at least on busy days.

And since you don’t always know what time the package will arrive, it can be difficult to make sure the package makes it inside of your house before some misfortune befalls it.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with an unattended package. Whether it’s:

A time-sensitive (or weather-sensitive) package that’s left out while you’re away from home
The malicious thievery of a windy day
The Scourge of the Seven Suburbias, the dreaded Porch Pirates (the worst fate that can befall a package, for sure)

…an “out for delivery” update can feel downright inconvenient, even when you really want the parcel.

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