Expedited vs. Express Shipping: What Are They, and How Are They Different?

The next tier on our list of shipping speeds is “expedited shipping.” What makes expedited shipping different from standard and economy is a “direct flight”: expedited shipments are loaded into trucks with only expedited parcels, all going to the same distribution center. Then, the truck makes a b-line for that destination.

No other destinations, no other stops (well, except, you know, to get gas and “drain the radiator,” as they say).

Here again, though, there’s a lot of overlap and interchangeability between the term “expedited shipping” and “express shipping.” Depending on the carrier/retailer, there may or may not be a difference. Typically, only one of the two options will be offered. In this case, the one that is offered usually means two-day shipping, or something between two-day and next day shipping.

When both are offered, though, just like with standard and economy, “express” will be the faster method, while “expedited” will simply mean “standard, but with a little extra hustle.”

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