What Does the Shipping Status “Departed” Mean?

Don’t get too excited when you see this one—it doesn’t mean it’s almost at your door.

(Also, avoid the inclination to become morose: it doesn’t stand for “dearly departed” either.)

“Departed” means the item has been boxed, labeled, and put on a truck. Unless we’re referring to same-day delivery services (like the aforementioned food conveyance systems), this is almost never the same vehicle as the one that will bring it to your house.

Instead, this vehicle is headed to another location. In most cases, this is a distribution center, where it will be sorted and put on another truck, which will head for another distribution center. From there, it’s usually sent to the local delivery center (such as the post office). Only then will it be sorted, put on a delivery vehicle, and sent to your location.

In other words, “departed” is more “Frodo has left the shire” than “The Eagle has landed.”

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