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Yankee Thunder – Customer Review

About Yankee Thunder: A New and Growing Business Home of the Hang ‘n Hook Target Stand, Yankee Thunder sells steel […]

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    Orders daily

About Yankee Thunder:

A New and Growing Business

Home of the Hang ‘n Hook Target Stand, Yankee Thunder sells steel shooting targets that are affordable and easy-to-assemble, as well as other “gear for men who love God, guns… and a good laugh.”

This small family-owned business began in 2018 operating out of their garages, bugging their wives with noxious fumes. In 2020, they transitioned into a full-fledged business, Q2 Tactical / Yankee Thunder, with a manufacturing facility harbored in Layton, Utah.

A budding company, Yankee Thunder now ships between 100 and 200 orders per day across the country to their tens of thousands of customers.

And demand is still growing, thanks to their funny tell-it-like-it-is branding and DIY-setup videos.

Challenges Yankee Thunder Faced

Yankee Thunder sought to do their research on ways to make their business more efficient from the very beginning.

They wanted something that could streamline their online sales and shipping processes from the get-go so they could hit the ground running. Managing fulfillment and keeping costs down was important so they could maximize their output, shipping costs, and bottom line since demand for their easy-to-make steel targets was already picking up.

After researching a few different solutions, Yankee Thunder chose eHub to streamline their business for e-commerce and shipping, and they haven’t looked back.

We see the saving on a daily basis – and we noticed it right away.

How Yankee Thunder Partnered with eHub

Ever since Yankee Thunder implemented eHub’s shipping software in May 2020,

They estimate that they’ve saved more than $30,000 per year in shipping costs.

“We see the savings on a daily basis–and we noticed it right away,” Brayden says. “We have been able to work with the eHub team to reduce our costs, not only on shipping but the shipping supplies we request.”

“We don’t have to calculate anything in our head!” Plus, the option of keeping the prices displayed throughout the process on the eHub platform has been helpful to “catch errors as we go,” Brayden says.

As a new company implementing a new service, Brayden was highly complimentary of the customer service team at eHub, stating, “We worked really closely with the eHub team to ask questions, to get training for new hires, and to make sure we were familiar with it as we implemented it into the company.”

“Honestly, it’s super user-friendly and easy to navigate,” Brayden says, calling himself to go- to guru on eHub’s software at work. “I enjoy using the system!”

Top Favorite Functions:

  • Ability to prioritize shipments based on options
  • Preset filters to batch orders
  • Inventory management that calculates weights and quantities automatically

With eHub we’ve been very happy – our contacts have been great to work with! Our advice? Go with eHub!

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