In this easy guide, we’ll explore some tips to save money and ship your furniture without stress. We’ll cover the factors affecting furniture shipping costs. These factors include the cheapest way to ship furniture. Also, we’ll share useful strategies to reduce expenses. This includes how to find the right 3PL partner. Finally, we will discuss essential safety tips for smooth shipping. Let’s dive in and find out the cheapest way to ship furniture.


Understanding Furniture Shipping Costs

To preface, it’s crucial to know what affects furniture shipping costs. Several factors come into play:

1. Firstly, the size and weight of your furniture greatly impact the shipping price. Bigger and heavier items cost more to ship. This is due to the space they occupy and the extra handling needed.

2. Secondly, the distance plays a vital role in deciding the final shipping cost. Shipping furniture locally is generally more affordable than long-distance or international shipping.

3. Next, good packaging is vital to avoid damage during transit. Bad packing could lead to added expenses. Thus, investing in secure packaging materials can save you money in the long run.

4. Lastly, the choice of shipping method and carrier can have varying price points. Comparing different carriers’ rates can help you find the best deal.


Cheapest Ways to Ship Furniture

Now that we understand the factors that affect shipping costs, let’s explore the cheapest ways to ship furniture:


Flat Rate

To begin, flat-rate shipping is an ideal option if your furniture fits within the specified dimensions and weight limits of certain carriers. Thus, this fixed-rate option can help you plan your budget more effectively.


Freight Shipping: Less Than Truckload

Freight shipping, precisely Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight, is a cost-effective choice for larger furniture items. With LTL, carriers consolidate shipments from multiple customers. This spreads the cost among them.


Postal Services

For smaller furniture pieces or accessories, postal services can be a budget-friendly option. Carriers, for example, include postal services such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Further, these carriers offer various shipping choices based on size, weight, and delivery speed.


Local Couriers

When shipping furniture over shorter distances, local courier services might be your best bet for affordability and convenience.


Furniture Shipping Specialists

First, consider specialized care and cost-saving expertise. This means using furniture shipping specialists who focus on handling large and bulky items efficiently.


Budget Strategies 

To further reduce furniture shipping expenses, consider using these practical cost-saving strategies:


Efficient Packing

Begin by disassembling your furniture and packing it efficiently. This reduces its size and weight. This could qualify you for lower shipping rates.


Group Ship

Also, group shipping or consolidation services are worth exploring. Combining shipments with others can lead to notable cost savings through shared truck space.


Flexible Delivery

Opt for flexible delivery options or drop-off points. This is useful if your shipment isn’t time-sensitive. This can help you secure lower delivery costs.


Competitive Rates

Additionally, consider checking online shipping marketplaces that specialize in hauling large items. These platforms often offer competitive rates for furniture shipping.



Finally, consider 3PL partners for volume discounts if you have multiple furniture items to ship regularly.

A large sectional couch is shown in a warehouse, the background is a green circle with separating the couch from the warehouse background.

Finding the Right 3PL Partner

Choosing the right third-party logistics provider (3PL) is essential for cost-effective furniture shipping. Here’s how to make the right decision:

  1. Begin by conducting thorough research and comparing different 3PLs’ rates and services. This narrows to find the best fit for your needs.
  2. Further, customer reviews and references are excellent indicators of a 3PL’s reliability and service quality. Take the time to read the experiences of other customers to ensure a smooth shipping process.
  3. Explore consolidation services offered by 3PLs. These services can help you save money by combining shipments with other customers.
  4. If you require temporary storage for your furniture, opt for a 3PL that provides warehouse storage options. Thus, combining storage and shipping services can lead to cost savings.


Tips for Safe Furniture Shipping

While finding cheap shipping options is crucial, ensuring the safe delivery of your furniture is just as important. These tips will help you save.

  1. Pack your furniture securely using appropriate packaging materials to safeguard it from damage during transit.
  2. Consider adding insurance to your shipment to cover any potential damages that may occur during shipping.
  3. Choose carriers or 3PL partners that offer shipment tracking and effective communication throughout the shipping process. This will keep you informed about the status of your furniture at all times.
  4. eHub’s vetted 3PL network gives you access to a team that will find you your best-fit 3PL at the lowest cost. 

To view tips on how to package your furniture, check out the FedEx guide here.



Shipping furniture on a budget doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By understanding the factors influencing shipping costs, exploring different shipping methods, and implementing cost-saving strategies, you can find the most affordable way to ship your furniture without compromising safety and quality. To read more about shipping for small businesses, check out another eHub article on the topic here.

Whether you’re relocating, selling furniture online, or sending a gift, these simple tips will ensure a smooth and budget-friendly shipping experience. 

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