The Benefits of Warehouse Picking Software

warehouse picking software is an essential tool

  • Written by Ellie Kwon
  • Published on July 5, 2023
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What is Warehouse Picking Software?

Warehouse picking software is an aid for people who work in big warehouses that store a large variety of items. It helps them find things faster and make fewer mistakes. The software streamlines the warehouse organization and picking process.

These efficiency gains ultimately contribute to the bottom line of the business.

Warehouse-picking software can tell workers where items are located and the best way to pick things so they don’t waste time. The software also keeps track of how much inventory is left in the warehouse. This prevents possible bottlenecks, like running out of things to sell. Likewise, this helps the workers get things done faster and more efficiently.

Faster shipping makes customers happy!

As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, your job is to ensure that products are promptly delivered to customers. One of the most crucial aspects of this process is efficient warehouse picking.

Warehouse picking software is an essential tool that helps warehouse employees pick and pack orders quickly and accurately. This software can be used on a computer or mobile device. It also typically includes features such as barcode scanning, real-time inventory tracking, and optimized picking routes.

So, is it worth implementing in your warehouse? We’ve already teased a few advantages, but let’s take a deeper dive!

Saving Time and Money

Warehouse software helps a 3PL work faster and more efficiently. Who wouldn’t want that for their business?

This makes the 3PL more competitive and can save them money. The software tells workers where to find things in the warehouse and what to do with them, cutting down on wasted time and poor warehouse organization.

Saving time and improving warehouse routes helps workers make fewer mistakes. It also helps the 3PL keep track of what is in the warehouse and where it is. This helps the 3PL know what they have and what they need. By using warehouse picking software, a 3PL can be more efficient and save money in the long run.

The biggest parts of warehouse picking software include learning algorithms that help workers find things more easily, with less wasted time juggling incorrect items on the warehouse floor.

All of these parts work together to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in the warehouse.

Is Warehouse Picking Software Necessary?

But how does warehouse picking software work, and why is it so crucial for 3PLs? Let’s dive deeper into the details.

Warehouse picking software works by automating the picking process. This streamlines warehouse operations. Instead of relying on manual labor, this software uses algorithms and machine learning. As mentioned previously, this helps to optimize picking routes and reduce errors. These gains cannot be overstated!

Employees can quickly locate and pick items from the warehouse shelves by scanning barcodes or using other identification methods. The software then updates the inventory in real-time. With many supply chain issues from the past couple of years still lingering in recent memory, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overstocking or stockouts boosts customer confidence in your operations.

So to sum up, why is warehouse-picking software essential for 3PLs? For one, it can help reduce costly errors during the picking process. This means fewer returns and happier customers. Additionally, it can improve efficiency and productivity in the warehouse.

Optimized picking routes allow employees to move through the warehouse faster. This means you complete more orders in less time. This, in turn, leads to faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.

A woman ponders the benefits of warehouse picking software.

How to Choose Warehouse Picking Software

When choosing warehouse picking software for your 3PL, consider these several factors:

Integration is crucial, as you’ll want to ensure that the software can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, such as your warehouse management system (WMS) or order management system (OMS).

Scalability is also vital, as you’ll want a solution that can grow with your business and handle increasing order volumes. Ease of use is another critical factor. You will want user-friendly software that your employees can learn quickly.

Additionally, cost is an essential consideration, as you’ll want to choose an affordable software solution for your business.

Once you’ve chosen a warehouse-picking software solution, it’s essential to train your employees on how to use it effectively.

This may involve setting up training sessions or providing instructional materials. It’s also crucial to monitor the software’s performance. This way, you can make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it continues to meet your business needs.

Integrating Warehouse Picking Software

A few steps need to be followed to integrate warehouse picking software into a 3PL system.

1. First, the software needs to be compatible with the existing technology infrastructure of the 3PL.

2. Then, configure the software to match the specific needs of the 3PL.

3. Next, train employees on how to use the software effectively.

4. Finally, monitor the software. This allows you to adjust to ensure optimal performance. A 3PL can successfully integrate warehouse picking software into its operations by following these steps.


Warehouse-picking software can be a game-changer for 3PLs. It improves accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse. This means you can provide better service to your clients and grow your business.

Adding or improving advanced features like barcode scanning, real-time inventory tracking, and optimized picking routes to your operations is a win-win for everyone involved at every step along the way.

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