In today’s fast-paced e-commerce world, companies called third-party logistics providers, or 3PLs, play a big part in making sure products get from the people who make them to the people who buy them. 3PLs are always trying to find ways to do their job better and save money. That’s where USPS Parcel Select Lightweight comes in. It’s an affordable way to ship things using this option the United States Postal Service offers. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how this particular service can help 3PLs save money and make sure packages get delivered on time. Let’s learn more about 3PL logistics and how this shipping option can be a game-changer!


Understanding USPS Parcel Select Lightweight

First, to understand how this service helps 3PLs, we need to know what it is. USPS Parcel Select Lightweight is a special service for shipping things that weigh less than 16 ounces. It’s great for 3PLs because they can use the expansive USPS network that goes everywhere in the United States.

Now that we know what this USPS service entails, let’s see how it helps 3PLs.


Cost Savings

One of the best things about using this USPS service for 3PLs is that it saves them money. Now, let’s look at how this shipping option helps 3PLs spend less.

A graphic displays a price slash. Two stacks of boxes are on either side of the page, on the left hand side a pair of scissors is cutting a price tag.

Affordable Rates

USPS Parcel Select Lightweight has really good prices, especially for light packages. It’s often cheaper than other shipping companies, which is great for 3PLs who want to save money.

Besides being affordable, USPS has other ways to help 3PLs save money.


Cubic Pricing

USPS Parcel Select Lightweight charges are based on the size of the package, not just the weight. This is called cubic pricing. Thus, if you ship small but heavy things, you can pay less than you would with other shipping options. So, by making packages the right size, 3PLs can save a lot of money with cubic pricing.

In addition to cubic pricing, this service has another money-saving feature.

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Commercial Plus Pricing

With USPS Parcel Select Lightweight, 3PLs that ship a lot of packages can get even lower prices. This is called Commercial Plus Pricing. It’s a discount for big shippers. Thus, if you send a ton of packages, you can save a ton of money over time.

Let’s move on to another advantage.


Nationwide Coverage and Reliable Delivery

Shipping packages means getting them to customers all over the country. Further, this particular service is great because it can send packages to even faraway places quickly and reliably.

Let’s see how this helps 3PLs.


Extensive Network

USPS has lots of post offices and places where they process packages all over the country. Thus, they can reach places that other shipping companies can’t. By using USPS Parcel Select Lightweight, 3PLs can reach more customers, even in places that are hard to get to.

Not only does USPS have a large network, but they also deliver packages reliably.


Consistent Service

USPS is known for being good at delivering packages on time. With USPS Parcel Select Lightweight, 3PLs can trust that their packages will get where they need to go without any problems. Thus, this is important because it keeps customers happy and makes them want to come back.

Now, let’s move on to the next benefit of USPS Parcel Select Lightweight.


Streamlined Tracking and Integration

Further, Tracking packages and making sure everything works together smoothly is really important for 3PLs. USPS Parcel Select Lightweight has features that help track and make everything work together.

Let’s look at how this helps 3PLs.


Tracking Visibility

Next, USPS Parcel Select Lightweight gives packages tracking numbers. This means 3PLs can see where the packages are at every step of the way. Further, tracking packages like this helps 3PLs talk to customers and stops packages from getting lost or being late. By giving updates in real time, USPS helps 3PLs keep customers happy.

Besides tracking visibility, USPS Parcel Select Lightweight also works well with other systems.


Integration Capability

Lastly, USPS Parcel Select Lightweight can work with other systems that 3PLs use to manage orders and shipping. This makes everything easier because labels and tracking updates happen automatically. By using these integrations, 3PLs can do things faster and with fewer mistakes.



USPS Parcel Select Lightweight is a great way for 3PLs to save money and make sure packages get delivered. With its affordable rates, cubic pricing, and Commercial Plus Pricing, USPS Parcel Select Lightweight helps 3PLs keep costs down. 

The nationwide coverage and reliable delivery make sure packages get where they need to go. The streamlined tracking and integration features help 3PLs manage everything smoothly.

So, if you’re a 3PL or a business that wants to ship things efficiently, think about using USPS Parcel Select Lightweight. It will help you save money, reach more customers, and make sure everything gets delivered on time. USPS Parcel Select Lightweight is here to help you save money and make shipping easier!

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