NetSuite 3PL Integration: Making Logistics Simple

choosing the right 3PL friend is super important

  • Written by Alex Dolce
  • Published on December 31, 2023
  • Time to read 9 minutes


Running a successful business means getting your products to customers smoothly. NetSuite, a handy set of online tools for managing your business, helps with that. It’s like having a super assistant for planning, dealing with customers, and selling online. Imagine making things even smoother by teaming up with a logistics helper known as a third-party logistics provider (3PL). That’s where NetSuite 3PL integration comes in.

What’s NetSuite 3PL Integration?

To begin, NetSuite 3PL integration is like connecting the dots between NetSuite and your 3PL provider. So, this connection makes handling stuff like keeping track of products, sending out orders, and managing deliveries easier.

Cool Things About NetSuite 3PL Integration:

See Your Stuff in Real-Time: Always know how much product you’ve got by updating the info between NetSuite and your 3PL friend.

Easy Order Handling: Sort out orders quickly – from saying “yes” to a customer to packing and shipping their stuff – all with fewer chances of mistakes.

Shipping Made Simple: Get shipping labels and tracking details automatically in NetSuite when your 3PL buddy sends stuff out.

Keep Everything in Sync: Make sure your info is the same in NetSuite and your 3PL system by regularly updating things like product details, prices, and customer info.

See the Big Picture: Look at your whole supply chain so you can make intelligent decisions and change things quickly if needed.

How NetSuite 3PL Integration Works:

1. First Steps:

To start, you’ll set up your NetSuite and 3PL systems so they can chat easily.

2. Connect the Dots:

Next, ensure the info in NetSuite matches the info in your 3PL system – it’s like making sure they speak the same language.

3. Orders on Autopilot:

After setup, NetSuite can automatically talk to your 3PL provider when someone makes an order. It sends over all the details so they can get things ready to go.

4. Always Know What’s in Stock:

Remember, keep an eye on how much stuff you’ve got at all times (things like Inventory management software can help with this). Thus, this helps you avoid running out or having too much.

5. Send and Track:

Then, when it’s time to send things out, NetSuite makes labels and tracking info so you and your customers can follow along.

6. Keep Talking:

Further, make sure NetSuite and your 3PL provider keep sharing info regularly. This way, everyone stays on the same page.

Picking the Right 3PL Buddy:

Finally, choosing the right 3PL friend is super important. So, ensure they work well with NetSuite, know your business, and have a good record of doing their job well. If you need help finding a good 3PL match, consider using tools like eHub to make this process easy and stress-free!

Wrapping Up:

NetSuite 3PL integration is like having a smooth ride for your business. So, it helps you work better with your 3PL provider, making things more accessible, transparent, and remarkable for your customers. Therefore, you can make shipping and fulfillment even more of a breeze than only using a 3PL. Remember, figuring out which combos and fulfillment services work best for your business is a process, so using tips like these can help. Good luck, and happy shipping!

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