Mastering Address Validation: A Key Player in Successful Shipping

Address validation benefits merchants like you, possibly even more than you think

  • Written by Alex Dolce
  • Published on July 20, 2023
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A “Hidden Gem” for Merchants

Did you know that address validation is a secret weapon for eCommerce businesses? Not only does it help make sure that packages go to the right places, but also that they arrive on time. In this article, we’ll explore what address validation is, how it works, and why it’s essential for merchants like you in the world of online selling and shipping.

What is “Address Validation”

In shipping and eCommerce, address validation is a process that checks if a customer’s shipping address is correct and complete. It ensures that the address exists and can be easily found by shipping companies. But it makes sure that the destination address is not invalid.

You might see it a lot…

Think of the address popup after ordering something online. This popup contains the address you put in and then the “modified address” next to it. This is address validation in action, ensuring the address is accurate and authentic. 

The validation tool looks at different parts of the address. These include street name, house number, postal/ZIP code, city, and country. It does this to make sure everything is in the correct order. So, how does it do this accurately? Let’s go over the steps of the process to see. 

How it Works

The steps of address validation are fairly straightforward. Also, they are easy to understand. Let’s take a look at what they are:

A chart is shown, highlighting the benefits of implementing address validation. This includes such things as: accurate shipping, fraud prevention, and enhanced delivery speed.
  • Format Validation:

This step checks to see if the address follows the correct format. It ensures all the address parts are in the correct places and look the way they should. 

  • Data Accuracy:

During this stage, a reliable database compares addresses and ensures the details match. From there, it catches any mistakes or differences between the address the customer gives and the correct address.

  • Existence Verification:

In this step, the system checks if the address really exists in official records. Further, it ensures that the address is accurate and recognized by the postal authorities.

  • Geocoding:

Geocoding is a fancy word for converting an address into its exact location on a map. In this final step, it helps confirm the address’s coordinates. Simply put, it shows the address exists somewhere in the world. Obviously, this is important for efficient package delivery.

Now that you know how address validation works, you should also know how it helps you and your business. 

Address Validation: Why It Matters for Merchants:

Address validation benefits merchants like you, possibly even more than you think. These benefits include:

1. Accurate Shipping:

You can avoid shipping mistakes by validating addresses, like sending packages to the wrong places. With this, you can save money and make customers happier because they receive their packages on time.

2. Fraud Prevention:

Furthermore, address validation helps protect your business from fraudulent orders. It checks if the address matches credit card information or official records, which can catch suspicious activities. Therefore, it stops fraud before it happens.

3. Cost Reduction:

Correct addresses allow you to avoid extra costs from returned packages or reshipping due to incorrect addresses. As mentioned before, this helps you save money. Specifically, money on shipping fees and other expenses.

4. Improved Delivery Speed:

Validated addresses ensure that packages are delivered faster and more efficiently. Further, this helps you meet customer expectations for quick shipping. Thus, customers are satisfied and more likely to return to your store.

5. Enhanced Data Quality:

Address validation helps keep your customer database accurate and reliable. Having correct addresses, thus, can help you personalize your marketing efforts and provide better customer service.

6. Compliance with Regulations:

Finally, since some industries have strict rules about data accuracy, address validation helps you meet those rules. Therefore, you can avoid penalties and legal issues.

Overall, address validation creates a better experience for you and your customers. Since you know the basics of the process and its benefits, let’s wrap things up and summarize the importance of implementing it in your business. 

The Big Picture:

Address validation is the friend every merchant needs. Furthermore, it is an essential process for eCommerce businesses and customers, as it helps them have a better experience in shipping. With this process, you can make sure addresses are correct. You can save money, prevent fraud, deliver packages faster, improve data quality, and follow the rules. If you embrace the power of address validation in your shipping process, your business can thrive with satisfied customers and successful operations.

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