What is Redelivery?

USPS Redelivery is a service by the United States Postal Service (USPS). It lets recipients request another delivery attempt. This is for when mail is undelivered to the address. It’s a second chance. USPS permits requests for another delivery. This is how to go about it. 

How Do You Use USPS Redelivery?

To use USPS Redelivery, the recipient can visit the USPS website. Then, fill out the Redelivery Form. Here they ask for details. This includes the tracking number of the item. It also asks for the delivery address and the preferred date for the redelivery. A notice may be left by the USPS carrier. It will inform them of the attempted delivery. Also, it will have instructions for redelivery. USPS Redelivery can be an easy way for recipients to ensure they get their mail or packages. It helps avoid the need to visit the local post office to pick up the item in person. It also allows for flexible delivery. This makes life easier.

Why Does USPS Redelivery Happen?

Redelivery by USPS may be possible in many cases. From address problems to delivery holds, the causes range. Here are some cases that warrant redelivery.

Recipient Not Available

This happens after a delivery attempt. It means the recipient wasn’t present at the delivery address. In this case, USPS may leave a notice. Another delivery attempt may occur.

Signature Required 

Packages that require signing will not be delivered without a signature. This will require redelivery.

Incomplete Address

This happens if the delivery address given is incomplete or incorrect. In this case, USPS may not be able to deliver the mail or package. This leads to a need for redelivery. First, verify the address. Then, correct it if needed.

Business Closed

A closed business means a package won’t be delivered. This means USPS may attempt redelivery on the next business day. 

Mailbox Obstacles

Obstacles may prevent the mail carrier from getting to the mailbox or delivery location. Then, resolve the issue. Clear obstacles or blocks. Then redelivery may be likely.

Hold Mail Request

A hold mail request will prevent delivery. Thus, redelivery may be scheduled after the hold period.

What about when the hold expires? Then, the recipient will need to pick the package up from the post office.

Delivery Time Preference

You may have delivery time preferences. Redelivery allows the choice of delivery time.

Unclaimed Package

Unclaimed packages must be picked up by the recipient. This happens at the local post office. It must be within the holding period. If this doesn’t happen, USPS may attempt redelivery.

An old rotary telephone is shown up close, taking up most of the space in the image. In the background, a missed call icon shows a red bubble with the number "3" inside, showing that the post office has tried to get a hold of the customer.

When Is USPS Redelivery Not Available?

There are some reasons why redelivery may not be available for a particular mail item or package. Here are some common ones. 

Delivery Attempt Limit Reached

USPS normally makes a few delivery attempts before returning a package to the sender or holding it for pickup. USPS wants to deliver. However, several unsuccessful tries render redelivery unavailable. This means the recipient must get the item at the local post office. 

Returned to Sender

Redelivery will no longer be an option if the package has made its way back to the sender.

Undeliverable Address

Incomplete, incorrect, or invalid addresses are undeliverable. This means redelivery may not be available until the address is corrected or verified.

Recipient Unreachable

If the recipient has not responded to USPS notices or attempts to contact them regarding the delivery, redelivery may not be possible.

Certain Delivery Types 

Some specific delivery types may not allow redelivery. For example, general mail redelivery options may be limited. In this case, the recipient may need to pick up the item in person from the local post office.

Time Constraints

In some cases, redelivery may not be available due to time constraints or logistical issues. This applies to time-sensitive packages or packages with specific delivery requirements.

Package Return Requested 

If the recipient has requested to return the package to the sender, redelivery may not be an option.

How To Handle USPS Redelivery

First, check the Delivery Notice. If the mail carrier attempted delivery but you were not available, they would usually leave a delivery notice at your address. This notice will provide information about the attempted delivery. Also, it will have instructions on how to request redelivery. The notice is left on the mailbox or front door.

Then, visit the USPS Website. Enter the tracking number from the delivery notice or the package slip. Then, verify eligibility for redelivery. Once you’ve entered the information, select the preferred date for redelivery from the available options. USPS usually offers several date choices.

After submitting the redelivery request, you should get a confirmation number. Keep this number handy in case you need it later. On the chosen redelivery date, make sure you are present at the delivery address. USPS will attempt redelivery on the specified date.


USPS Redelivery is a helpful service for missed packages. It gives a second chance for the package to get to the door. It’s an easy way to get mail without having to go to the post office. Further, it’s an example of USPS’s duty to reliability. 

So the next time you have a sinking feeling in your stomach, and see that your package was not able to be delivered. Don’t lose hope, and follow these guidelines to schedule redelivery!

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