If you’ve ever had the question: does UPS ship on Sunday? You’re not alone! In a short answer to the question, UPS can offer Sunday delivery but doesn’t always. In fact, UPS has a lot of different weekend delivery and pickup options for both your business and customers. That being said, in this blog post, we’ll help you understand UPS’s weekend delivery services. We’ll explore the different options available, how UPS manages weekend shipments, and how you can use these services for Sunday deliveries.


Pickups and Deliveries: Saturday? Sunday? Both? 

To start, let’s talk about the different ways UPS can help you with weekend deliveries.


1. Saturday Pickups: Did you know that UPS is the only major delivery company that offers Saturday pickups from your business? So, this makes things much faster and more convenient for you and your package deliveries.


 2. Saturday Deliveries: UPS also delivers packages to businesses on Saturdays. This can help make your operations faster.


3. Weekend Deliveries: UPS has options for delivering packages to customers on Sundays too! To do this, they have Saturday deliveries and a service called SurePost for Sunday deliveries. So, if you need a package to reach someone on a Sunday, UPS has your back.


There is another way UPS ships on Sunday. Plus, it is done directly through UPS.


The UPS Express Critical Advantage

When it’s really important to get a package to a customer, UPS Express Critical can do the trick. They make sure urgent packages arrive quickly and on time. Plus, they can do Sunday deliveries  However, Sunday delivery may not be available everywhere or for all types of shipments.

To find out if UPS Express Critical can deliver on Sundays for your package, you can contact UPS directly or use their online tracking system for the most accurate information.

Now that all of the weekend pickup and delivery options are in place, let’s review how you can use them for your business.

An infographic is shown, with a blue and red graphic design format. This is formatted as a guide to weekend delivery, highlighting availability, schedules, and any additional fees.

Making the Most of UPS Weekend Delivery: A Simple Guide


Of course, you should know how to take advantage of the UPS weekend services. So, here are some tips to help you use UPS’s weekend delivery services effectively:

  1. Check availability: Visit the UPS website or call customer service to see if they offer Saturday and/or Sunday delivery in your area.
  2. Choose the right service: Depending on your needs, UPS has different services. These services include UPS Next Day Air® Early, UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Worldwide Express® Plus, or UPS Express Critical®. However, they also might cost a bit more, so make sure you really need them.
  3. Label your packages correctly: As always, it’s important to put the right shipping information on your packages. This includes the address and contact details of the person receiving the package. Also, if you’re using a service for weekend delivery, use the right service code.
  4. Schedule pickup or drop-off: You can arrange for UPS to pick up your packages or drop them off at a UPS location. Just remember to check the cutoff times for weekend delivery.
  5. Additional fees: UPS usually charges extra for weekend delivery services. You can find out the specific fees by contacting UPS or checking their website. Make sure you’re aware of and prepared to pay these fees.


Remember, not all UPS services offer weekend delivery, and availability may vary depending on where you live. So, it’s always a good idea to contact UPS or visit their website to get the most up-to-date information about weekend delivery options. So does ups ship on Sunday? There are options available, but these options vary depending on your area. 


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Although UPS doesn’t usually deliver on Sundays, they have options for weekend delivery. Whether it’s Saturday pickups and deliveries or Sunday deliveries through SurePost, UPS can help you get your packages where they need to go. And if you have something urgent to send on a Sunday, UPS Express Critical is there for you. Just make sure to check the availability of weekend delivery services in your area and be prepared for any extra fees. Contact UPS or visit their website to learn more about their weekend delivery options.

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