Does DHL Deliver on Weekends?

People often wonder if DHL delivers on weekends

  • Written by Tess Holman
  • Published on December 20, 2023
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DHL has been a trusted name in the shipping industry for decades. People often wonder if DHL delivers on weekends. This blog post will explain how DHL’s weekend delivery services work and when you can expect your packages on Saturdays and Sundays.

DHL’s Weekend Delivery Options

DHL has different services to meet various shipping needs. Some of these services can deliver packages on weekends. Let’s look at these options to understand how DHL handles weekend deliveries.

A graphic illustration shows a DHL truck superimposed on a map of the continents, representing DHL's international capabilities.

DHL Express Worldwide

DHL Express Worldwide is the flagship service of DHL, known for its speedy and efficient international deliveries. It does deliver on weekends in many places around the world. So, if you choose this service, it’s likely your package might arrive on a weekend.

DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce is for lightweight parcels and offers weekend delivery in certain areas. To determine if your location qualifies for weekend delivery with DHL eCommerce, you can ask your local DHL service provider or use the online tracking tool on the DHL website.

Special Requests

If you need a package delivered on a weekend, you can ask DHL for a special request. However, this might cost extra money, so check the price and availability with DHL when you send your package.

Differences by Location

Weekend delivery options with DHL can change from one country or area to another. Some places have more weekend delivery services, while others have fewer. So, it’s a good idea to contact your local DHL service provider or check the DHL website for accurate information about your area.

A graphic illustration depicts a DHL truck along with a flow chart to help determine when DHL may deliver on a weekend.

Understanding When DHL Delivers on Weekends

Now that we know DHL offers weekend delivery options let’s talk about when these services operate. Generally, DHL’s weekend deliveries fit into two categories:

1: Saturday Deliveries

DHL does deliver on Saturdays in many areas, but there are specific conditions and cutoff times you need to meet for your package to arrive on a Saturday. Meeting these requirements is essential to ensure a weekend delivery.

2: Sunday Deliveries

Sunday deliveries are less standard and usually happen in select locations and under exceptional circumstances. This might include express services and special agreements with DHL to meet your shipping needs.

To get your package on a weekend, plan ahead and confirm the Saturday and Sunday delivery times for your area with your local DHL service provider.

Advantages of Weekend Delivery with DHL

Now that we know that DHL offers weekend deliveries, let’s talk about the benefits of choosing this option:

  • Flexibility: Weekend deliveries make life easier for senders and receivers because they allow packages to be sent and received when people are not working during the week.
  • Speed: DHL is known for its quick deliveries, and weekend deliveries help keep that reputation by allowing packages to be delivered faster.
  • Competitive Advantage: For businesses, offering weekend deliveries can be a big plus. It helps businesses meet customer demands for faster shipping and better customer service.
  • Emergency Shipments: Sometimes, you need a package on a weekend urgently, and DHL’s weekend delivery services are perfect for such situations.
  • International Reach: DHL’s weekend delivery services are not just for local deliveries. They extend to international shipments, making them a good choice for people and businesses with worldwide shipping needs.

Challenges of Weekend Delivery

While weekend delivery with DHL has its advantages, it also comes with some challenges:

  • Cost: Weekend delivery services may cost more, which might make some people think twice about using them.
  • Limited Availability: Not all areas have weekend deliveries, and even where they are available, there could be restrictions and cutoff times.
  • Possible Delays: Even though DHL is usually quick, delays can still happen, especially on weekends when there are fewer people working and other unexpected issues.
  • Reduced Customer Support: DHL’s customer support may be less available during weekends, making it harder to get help if you have a problem with your delivery.


In conclusion, DHL does provide weekend delivery services, but the availability and rules differ depending on where you are, which service you pick, and the unique circumstances of your shipment. To find out about weekend delivery options in your area, make sure to check with your local DHL service provider or visit the DHL website.

Weekend deliveries can be helpful for both individuals and businesses by providing flexibility and convenience. But it’s essential to be aware of the possible extra costs and limitations of weekend delivery, as well as the need to meet specific requirements and cutoff times.

Whether you get your package on a weekend or a weekday, you can trust DHL to deliver it safely and on time, thanks to their reputation for quick and reliable shipping services.

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