Cash on Delivery Countries: Pay When Your Package Arrives

in some areas, cash on delivery is still preferred

  • Written by Tess Holman
  • Published on December 21, 2023
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Online shopping has made our lives more convenient. You can shop for all sorts of things from your computer or phone and have them delivered to your doorstep. As online shopping becomes more common, how we pay for our purchases has changed. One popular way to pay for things you buy online is called Cash on Delivery, or COD. This blog post will explore cash on delivery countries and why people like it.

What is Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Cash on Delivery, or COD, is a way to pay for things you buy online. With COD, you pay for your purchase when delivered to your home. You can pay with cash instead of online before getting the item. This way, you can check the item and ensure it’s what you expected before handing over your money. However, this method isn’t used everywhere, so we will explore a few prominent cash on delivery countries.

Why Do People Like COD?

A lot of people like using Cash on Delivery, and there are a few reasons why:

  • Trust and Confidence: In some places, many scams and dishonest people are online. COD helps people feel safe because they can see the item before they pay. They don’t have to worry about getting something fake or flawed.
  • Not Everyone Uses Digital Money: In some areas, not everyone has a credit card or can pay online. COD is a way for people who don’t have digital payment options to shop online.
  • Cultural Reasons: In some places, people prefer doing business in person and using cash. COD lets them do that, and it follows their customs.
  • No Regrets: With COD, you can see the item first and make sure you like it. This can help you avoid feeling bad about your purchase later on.
A graphic illustration depicts a dollar bill with an exclamation mark, signifying that cash is highly valued in the areas featured in this article.

Cash on Delivery is more common in some countries than in others. Let’s look at a few places where COD is a favorite way to pay:

  • India

India is one of the largest e-commerce markets globally, and Cash on Delivery is viral there. Many Indian consumers prefer COD due to trust issues, limited access to digital payment methods, and cultural preferences. E-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon India offer COD as a standard payment option for the Indian market.

  • Pakistan

Like India, Pakistan has a thriving e-commerce industry, and Cash on Delivery is the preferred payment method for many online shoppers. The trust factor plays a crucial role here, as does the limited access to digital payments in certain areas.

  • The Philippines

The Philippines is another country where COD is widely embraced. It is a common choice for online shoppers who want to ensure they receive quality products and can afford to pay them in cash upon delivery.

  • Saudi Arabia

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia stands out as a significant market for e-commerce. COD is famous here because it aligns with local customs and allows customers to examine their purchases before completing the transaction.

  • Indonesia

Indonesia has a growing e-commerce industry, and COD is a preferred payment method for its citizens. The archipelago’s diverse population, limited access to digital payments, and a penchant for in-person transactions contribute to COD’s popularity.

  • Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s e-commerce sector has been expanding rapidly, and COD is a primary payment choice. This method helps build trust among consumers who are wary of online transactions.

  • Nigeria

In Nigeria, Cash on Delivery is widely used due to trust issues, low digital penetration in remote areas, and the preference for cash transactions. This payment method has been pivotal in the country’s e-commerce growth.

Challenges with Cash on Delivery

Using Cash on Delivery has some issues for both online stores and customers:

  • Extra Costs: Online stores must spend more money to collect cash from customers. This includes paying people to deliver the items and handle the cash.
  • Returns and Exchanges: Handling returns and exchanges with COD can be tricky. Refunding money is more complicated than with other payment methods.
  • Limited Areas: In some places, it’s impossible to use COD because there aren’t enough people to deliver items and handle cash.
  • Money Risks: Handling cash can be risky because it might get stolen or lost, leading to disputes.

The Future of Cash on Delivery

As digital ways to pay get better and more people use them, the use of Cash on Delivery might go down in some places. But it will still be an essential way to pay for things in many areas. It’s all about trust, cultural habits, and having suitable payment options.


Cash on Delivery is a way to pay for things you buy online. It’s really popular in some countries because it helps people feel safe and lets them use cash. Even though it has some issues, COD will still be an essential way to pay for things in the future. As online shopping grows, new and better pay methods will keep appearing.

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