Can you mail USPS at the UPS store?

the limitations of using USPS services at a UPS Store may vary

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  • Published on December 13, 2023
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You can usually send mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS) at a UPS Store. UPS Stores often offer a range of services. These include shipping through USPS, UPS, and other carriers, mailbox rental, packaging, and printing services. While they primarily operate as a UPS shipping and drop-off location, they often have USPS services.

You can inquire at your local UPS Store to confirm if they offer USPS mailing services and inquire about any specific requirements or fees associated with using USPS services at their location.


Remember that the limitations of using USPS services at a UPS Store may vary depending on the specific UPS Store location and their agreements with USPS. Here are some potential limitations to be aware of:

Limited USPS Services

UPS Stores primarily offer UPS shipping services and may have limited USPS services. This can include mailing letters and packages via USPS, buying postage, and using USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express services. However, not all USPS services may be available at a UPS Store.

Limited Hours

UPS Stores typically have their operating hours. Therefore, these may differ from regular USPS post offices. Thus, you may not have access to USPS services at a UPS Store outside of their business hours.

USPS Fees: While you can use USPS services at a UPS Store, additional fees or surcharges may be associated with using USPS services through a third-party provider like UPS. These fees can vary depending on the store and the specific services you require.

Limited USPS Supplies

UPS Stores may have limited USPS packaging and supplies compared to a dedicated USPS post office. 

USPS Mailbox Services

While UPS Stores offer mailbox rental services, these mailboxes are typically for receiving packages from any carrier, not just USPS. You may need to visit a dedicated USPS post office if you need USPS-specific mailbox services (such as a PO Box).

To ensure that a particular UPS Store can meet your USPS-related needs and to understand any potential limitations or additional fees, it’s advisable to contact the specific UPS Store you plan to visit or check their website for information on the USPS services they offer. Additionally, you can always visit a dedicated USPS post office if you require a more comprehensive range of USPS services or have specific USPS-related needs that may not be met at a UPS Store.


Using USPS services at a UPS Store can have several advantages, depending on your specific needs and circumstances. Some of the pros include:


First, UPS Stores are often located in convenient, high-traffic areas. This makes it easy for you to access USPS services without visiting a separate USPS post office. This can save you time and effort.

Multiple Shipping Options

Also. by visiting a UPS Store, you can access multiple shipping carriers, including UPS and USPS. This allows you to compare shipping rates and choose the best option.

Extended Hours

Further, some UPS Stores have extended operating hours compared to traditional USPS post offices, which may be particularly helpful if you have a busy schedule.

Printing and Document Services

Many UPS Stores provide printing, copying, and document services, which can be helpful for businesses and individuals who need these services in addition to USPS mailing.

Tracking and Insurance

Next, UPS Stores can assist with tracking packages and providing insurance options for your shipments, whether you use USPS or UPS services.

Secure Drop-Off

Lastly, if you have USPS packages or mail to drop off, UPS Stores usually have secure drop-off locations, making it easy to send your items without waiting in long lines.

It’s important to note that the specific services and benefits offered by UPS Stores can vary by location. Thus, it’s a good idea to contact your local UPS Store or visit their website to confirm their services and any associated fees. Depending on your needs, the convenience and additional services offered at UPS Stores can make them a practical choice for USPS-related tasks.

A graphic illustration shows a close-up of a handshake, one hand features the USPS logo, while the other has the UPS logo, signifying their partnership.

How Does Mailing USPS Through UPS Work?

You can mail items through the United States Postal Service (USPS) at a UPS Store because UPS Stores often have agreements with USPS to offer USPS mailing services as part of their range of services. These agreements allow UPS Store locations to act as authorized USPS retail providers. Here’s what allows this to happen:

Authorized USPS Retail Partner

The USPS has authorized UPS Store locations to provide certain USPS services. These include mailing packages and letters, selling postage, and accepting USPS shipments on behalf of customers. This authorization allows them to handle USPS transactions on your behalf.

Retail Partner Agreements

UPS Stores enter into agreements or contracts with the USPS to offer these services. These agreements specify the terms and conditions for the UPS Store to provide USPS services. This includes details about fees, operating hours, and the range of USPS services they can offer.

Training and Compliance

UPS Store staff are typically trained to handle USPS transactions and adhere to USPS guidelines and regulations when processing USPS shipments. This ensures that USPS services are provided accurately and comply with USPS requirements.

Coexistence with UPS Services

UPS Stores primarily operate as UPS shipping centers but often offer USPS services alongside UPS services. This allows customers to choose between USPS and UPS for their shipping needs at one location.


In conclusion, it’s important to note that while UPS Stores can offer USPS services, they may have limitations compared to dedicated USPS post offices. Further, these limitations can include limited services, hours, and packaging supplies. However, for many individuals and businesses, the convenience of using USPS services at a UPS Store can be a practical option. Thus, you should always check with your local UPS Store to confirm their specific USPS services and any associated fees or restrictions.

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