Awaiting Delivery Scan USPS : Why Is It Important?

a tracking system is vital for customer satisfaction

  • Written by Ellie Kwon
  • Published on June 20, 2023
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The package is approaching its destination, and its status says “Awaiting Delivery Scan.”

So, where is the package?

Imagine you’re eagerly waiting for a friend to arrive at your house. They live across the country and finally have a week off to fly into town for a visit. You know they’re on their way, but you’re unsure exactly where they are in their journey.

In this scenario, the “awaiting delivery scan” status is like receiving a message saying, “Your friend is at a nearby checkpoint, preparing to land.”

They haven’t arrived yet, but you know they’re getting closer and going through the necessary steps to reach you.

It’s similar to a package at a sorting facility or a specific location, getting ready for the next part of its journey to your doorstep. It’s like when you’re excitedly waiting for your friend to arrive. Tracking the “awaiting delivery scan” status keeps you informed and excited about the progress of your package’s journey to its final destination.

What Does The Scan Mean

When you see “awaiting delivery scan” in the USPS tracking status, it means the package is currently at a sorting facility or a designated location. At this stage, the package is being prepared for the next delivery steps. It could be loaded onto a delivery vehicle or sent to a nearby distribution center. It’s the home stretch.

Importance of The Scan

The scan refers to a tracking system used by the shipping company. Each package has a unique barcode or tracking number scanned at different checkpoints along the delivery route. These scans update the package’s status and location in the tracking system. Tracking a package involves two prominent people: the sender (an online store or an individual) and the recipient (the customer or the person who should receive the package).

Here’s how tracking benefits both sides.

For the Sender

Tracking allows the sender to keep an eye on the package’s progress. They can make sure the package is being processed and prepared for delivery on time. By tracking the “awaiting delivery scan” status, online stores can also keep track of their inventory. They can confirm that the packages have been given to the shipping carrier and adjust their inventory if needed. They must manage their inventory well so they don’t sell too much or run out of products.

Tracking and Efficiency

Moreover, the scan information helps shipping companies plan the best routes and schedules. They can determine the most efficient way to deliver packages based on the ones awaiting delivery scans. This helps them save time and fuel and work more efficiently.

Monitoring the “awaiting delivery scan” status also helps online stores evaluate how well the shipping carriers do. Looking at the status updates, they can identify any problems or delays in the delivery process. Analyzing this information helps them improve their operations, make things smoother, and optimize the shipping processes. If they see delays happening often with a specific carrier, they can take action, like discussing better terms or finding a more reliable carrier.

Tracking and Customer Satisfaction

The tracking system is also vital for customer satisfaction. Online stores have a responsibility to make sure their customers receive their orders quickly and in good condition. By monitoring the “awaiting delivery scan” status, they can catch any potential issues or delays. This way, they can communicate with their customers early on, give them updates, and address any concerns. This helps keep the customers happy.

When online stores have tracking information, they can update customers about the package’s status and whereabouts. This helps manage customer expectations and makes them happier. If there are any delays or problems during the delivery, tracking helps the sender identify and fix the issues quickly. They can contact customers, offer help, and take the proper steps to resolve problems.

For the Customer

Tracking lets the customer see where their package is and what its status is. They can check this online or get notifications. This helps them know when to expect the delivery.

Tracking and Ensuring Delivery

Customers can also see the expected delivery date and time through tracking information. This helps them make sure someone is there to receive the package and prevents missed deliveries. It’s better for customer satisfaction.

Tracking also gives customers peace of mind. It lets them know their package is on its way and not lost. It makes them less worried because they get updates about the delivery progress. If there are any issues or delays, they can see it in the tracking updates. This helps them contact the sender or the carrier if needed. They can ask for help or find a solution.

Tracking benefits both the senders and the customers. It helps with communication, resolving issues, and making the overall experience better. It makes order fulfillment more efficient, ensures smooth deliveries, and builds trust between everyone involved.


The “awaiting delivery scan” status is an integral part of shipping logistics. It gives visibility into the process, helps with planning, and optimizes the use of resources for shipping companies. By understanding the meaning and importance of the “awaiting delivery scan” status, online stores can improve their operations, make their customers happy, manage their inventory well, evaluate the carriers’ performance, and work more efficiently.

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