Easier Shipping with Auto Print Orders

Auto-print orders can be incredibly helpful

  • Written by Tess Holman
  • Published on December 23, 2023
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When buying things online, getting packages quickly and without mistakes is essential. Auto-print orders are like a helpful friend in making this happen. Auto-print changing the way businesses send out packages by making the process faster, more reliable, and better overall.

From Hard Work to Smart Work:

Back then, sending out packages was a lot of manual work. It was slow, and people often made mistakes. As more people started shopping online, businesses needed a way to keep up without messing up. That’s where auto-print orders come in. These orders are an updated and better way to send packages, making the process smoother and more straightforward.

Understanding Auto Print Orders:

Auto-print orders are a super helpful tool in shipping software. They produce essential shipping papers like labels and packing slips without someone typing in details for each order. Businesses can set up rules to make these papers automatically whenever an order is placed, saving time and effort.

Good Things about Auto Print Orders:

Saves Time:

  • Auto-print orders help businesses save a lot of time. Instead of spending time typing in details for every order, businesses can use this feature to get things done faster. This means the people working there can focus on other essential tasks.

Less Mistakes:

  • These automated orders also prevent mistakes from happening. They get the info from the computer, so there are fewer chances of getting addresses or product amounts wrong. Fewer mistakes mean fewer times customers get the wrong stuff, complain, and have a bad experience with your business.


  • As businesses get bigger, they usually get more orders. Auto-print orders make it easy to handle more orders without needing more people to help. It’s a system that grows with the business.

Real-time Updates:

  • These automated orders let everyone know what’s happening with the packages. Businesses and customers can track their orders in real-time. This helps them know when to expect their stuff and lets businesses fix any problems quickly.


  • Auto-print orders can also be customized. This means businesses can make special rules for different types of orders. This allows freedom to create a personalized and efficient workflow. It gives them the power to set up the best system for them.

How to Use Auto Print Orders:

Connect with Your Online Store:

  • To use auto-print orders, businesses must connect their shipping program with their online store. This connection helps information flow smoothly from the store to the shipping system, making these orders work.

Set Up Rules and Preferences:

  • After connecting, businesses can make the print order system fit their needs. This means setting up rules for different orders, like how they want things packed or what the labels should look like. Making these choices helps the system work better for the business.

Try It Out and Get Better:

  • Before implementing an auto-print system, it’s essential to test it out. This means trying it with a few practice orders to see if everything works okay. Doing this helps ensure the system is as good as possible.
A business owner is frustrated with a pile of discared labels as the struggles to auto print orders effectively.

Challenges and Things to Think About:

While auto-print orders are outstanding, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Initial Set-Up Takes Time:

  • Using auto-print orders might seem a bit tricky and time-consuming at first. Entering all the rules and customizations takes time and requires accurate weights and measurements. But with time and some help from the 

people who make the program or from experts, it can become manageable.

Costs a Bit:

  • Getting auto-print orders set up might cost a little money upfront. It’s like paying for an excellent tool that makes things easier in the long run. Businesses should think about how much it helps versus how much it costs.

Employee Training:

  • People who work at the business need to learn how to use auto-print orders. Teaching them to use the tool well ensures everyone knows how to use it and can make the most of it.

One More Step Towards Efficiency 

Once you get a taste of the freedom and automation auto-print orders provide, you will be hungry for more! The next step after implementing these automated orders is hiring a fulfillment partner. Fulfillment partners take these orders and fulfill them by hiring staff to do the work and housing your product. Offloading this essential practice to professionals can save time and money, which are all crucial elements of running your business.

If finding a fulfillment partner is the next right choice for your business, reach out to eHub today. eHub works tirelessly to match businesses with fulfillment partners that fit their specific needs. eHub has an extensive, highly vetted network of fulfillment providers. Save time and money by working with eHub instead of searching for a fulfillment partner and being disappointed with the results. 


Sending out packages easily and quickly is essential for your business to thrive. Auto-print orders are the heavy lifters, making the shipping process faster and better. Even though there are a few things to figure out first, the good things about auto print orders, like saving time and making fewer mistakes, make them an excellent tool for businesses. As more and more businesses use tools like these specialized orders, sending and getting packages online will become even smoother and more fun for everyone.

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