5 Reasons to Outsource Fulfillment

outsource shipping fulfillment and focus on your core competencies

  • Written by Jared Wolthuis
  • Published on May 12, 2023
  • Time to read 9 minutes

Order fulfillment is a crucial part of any business that deals with physical products. Given the almost unimaginable range of products available to the consumer today, many items come with their own specific challenges due to a host of factors such as fragility, volume, loose parts, and weight. There are ways around these challenges, however, and today we’ll take a look at five reasons to outsource fulfillment.

Creating and maintaining a complex logistics system to overcome these challenges is an intimidating prospect due to the massive amount of time and resources that may be required. However, the good news is that you don’t have to perform this heavy lift alone.

Now, let’s dive in and discuss the top 5 reasons to outsource fulfillment.

Focus on core business functions

One of the primary reasons to outsource shipping fulfillment is to allow businesses to focus on their core competencies. Shipping and logistics can be time-consuming and complex, requiring a significant investment in resources and infrastructure. Due to this, outsourcing shipping fulfillment has become a popular trend among businesses in recent years, with more and more companies opting to outsource their logistics operations. These businesses have found that when outsourcing fulfillment, they can free up valuable time and direct their team to focus on other essential functions, such as sales, marketing, product development, and customer service, which can now be intentionally aimed at increasing their bottom line.

Reduce costs

Fulfillment can be an expensive process, especially if you’re handling it in-house. Outsourcing shipping fulfillment can help businesses reduce costs in several ways. First, outsourcing eliminates the need for businesses to invest in their own shipping infrastructure, including warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation fleets. This can result in significant cost savings, particularly for smaller businesses that may not have the resources to invest in these areas. A good fulfillment partner will have the technology and expertise to help you manage your inventory levels and ensure you always have the right amount of stock on hand. Additionally, outsourcing can provide economies of scale, allowing businesses to take advantage of the expertise and resources of larger logistics providers and achieve lower shipping rates.

Increase efficiency and scalability

Outsourcing shipping fulfillment can also increase efficiency and scalability. Logistics providers have the expertise and resources to optimize shipping and warehousing operations, reducing transit times, minimizing errors, and improving overall efficiency. Fulfillment providers have the technology and expertise to optimize the process, from receiving and storing inventory to picking, packing, and shipping orders. As your orders ramp up, outsourced fulfillment can scale with you quickly and easily. Seasoned fulfillment providers can easily accommodate changes in order volume, seasonal fluctuations, and new product launches.

Improve customer experience

Outsourcing shipping fulfillment can also improve the customer experience. Partnering with a reliable logistics provider who understands the critical nature of the shipping experience can help businesses offer faster and more reliable shipping, tracking, and delivery options to their customers. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increase sales and revenue.

Access to expertise and technology

Finally, outsourcing shipping fulfillment provides businesses with access to the expertise and technology of logistics providers. Shipping and logistics can be complex and constantly evolving, requiring specialized knowledge and technology to optimize operations. By partnering with a logistics provider, businesses can tap into the expertise and resources of professionals who have experience in managing logistics operations and access to the latest technology and tools, such as artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics, in order to improve efficiency and accuracy.

To learn more about what to look for in a 3PL partner, see our detailed guide HERE.

In conclusion, outsourcing shipping fulfillment can provide significant benefits to businesses, including allowing them to focus on core business functions, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and scalability, improving the customer experience, and accessing expertise and technology. Those looking to optimize their shipping and logistics operations should consider the benefits of outsourcing and explore their options with reliable logistics providers.

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