3PL Dropshipping: Experience Smoother Online Shopping

this blog post will explore 3PL dropshipping

  • Written by Tess Holman
  • Published on December 22, 2023
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A new approach called 3PL dropshipping is transforming the way eCommerce businesses operate. It’s like a dynamic team effort where online retailers, product manufacturers, and logistics experts join forces to streamline the buying process. This blog post will explore 3PL dropshipping, its simplicity, benefits, and the impactful changes it’s bringing to our online shopping experience.

Understanding 3PL Dropshipping

3PL dropshipping is a collaborative effort between online sellers, manufacturers, and fulfillment centers, also known as 3PLs. Unlike the old way of doing things where sellers had to keep lots of stuff in their storage, 3PL dropshipping lets sellers sell things without housing and storing their stuff. Ordering something online goes straight from the 3PL warehouse to your door without the seller ever touching it.

Understanding the Different Parts of 3PL Dropshipping

Online Seller’s Shop:

  • The online store is the central hub of 3PL dropshipping. This is where customers go to check out and buy things. The seller makes the shop look nice, talking to customers and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Product Manufacturers:

  • These are the people who make the stuff you buy. Once production is complete, manufacturers send the products to the 3PL where the product is then prepped for fulfillment.

Storage and Shipping Services (3PL Providers):

  • The 3PL providers are like the middle people. They store the inventory, pack it up, and send it out when someone buys it. They’re good at figuring out the best way to get things from storage to your door.


  • These are the people like you and me who buy things online. We’re the reason the whole system works!

Why 3PL Dropshipping is Awesome

Less Money Needed:

  • One of the best things about 3PL dropshipping is that sellers don’t need much money upfront. They don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff to keep in their own storage. This means they can use their money for other important things like marketing, getting new customers, and purchasing helpful technology.

More Kinds of Things to Buy:

  • Because sellers don’t have to keep lots of stuff in their storage, they can sell different things. This is great because you and I have more online shopping options.

Easy to Grow:

  • 3PL dropshipping is good for sellers who are growing. When more people start buying from their shop, the 3PL providers can easily handle sending out more stuff. The system can grow as the shop gets more popular, all while offloading a tremendous amount of work to the 3PL.

Sellers Can Do Their Best Work:

  • Sellers can focus on what they’re good at, like making their shop look nice, ensuring everyone is happy, and talking to customers. The 3PL providers take care of the rest, like sending out the stuff and ensuring it gets to the right place on time.

People All Around the World Can Buy:

  • Because of 3PL dropshipping, sellers can send things to people in different parts of the world. This is awesome for online businesses because they can reach more people without having to set up a shop in every place.

Less Risk of Problems:

  • In the old way of doing things, sellers had to worry about inventory management. This gets tricky because they could have too much product, not enough, or even the wrong products. With 3PL dropshipping, these worries are taken care of by the 3PL providers. Sellers can focus on doing their best without stressing about these problems.

How 3PL Dropshipping is Changing Online Shopping

Happy Customers:

  • 3PL dropshipping makes customers happy because they get their stuff quickly and without any mistakes. This makes them want to come back and buy more.

Changing with the Times:

  • The way people like to shop online is constantly changing. 3PL dropshipping helps sellers change with the times without any problems. They can try new things and sell what people want right now.

Getting Things Done Faster:

  • 3PL providers are good at getting things done quickly. This means when you order something, it gets to you fast. The faster a customer gets a product, the happier they are.

Knowing What People Like:

  • 3PL dropshipping gives sellers much information and data about what people like to buy. This helps them make good choices and sell things that people want.

Helping the Planet:

  • 3PL dropshipping is also good for the environment. It helps us use less energy and be more careful with how things are sent from one place to another. This is good for everyone.

Challenges and Things to Think About

Even though 3PL dropshipping is excellent, there are some things to be careful about. Sellers need to pick good 3PL partners who work well with them. Many 3PL providers have specialties. One 3PL provider working with one company might not be a good fit for another. Finding the right one for your business is the hardest part of working with a 3PL provider.

eHub’s mission is to connect eCommerce brands with the right 3PL provider for your business. If moving forward to finding a 3PL provider feels suitable for you, but you feel overwhelmed by the process, schedule a free call with eHub today to see if we can help!


3PL dropshipping is like a superhero that makes everything easier and better. By working together, sellers, manufacturers, and 3PL providers create a system that gets things to customers quickly and correctly. As more people buy things online and want them fast, 3PL dropshipping is becoming the go-to way for businesses to make customers happy. So, the next time you order something online, remember the extraordinary teamwork behind the scenes to bring it to your doorstep!

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