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Techdinamics is a one-stop solution for shippers that need help integrating with their customers or automating their final-mile shipping process, including label generation for 150+ couriers, tracking visibility and courier auditing.

Techdinamics simplifies fulfillment so you get the Perfect Order. Using technology, Techdinamics solves everything from order capture to shipping out the door and makes it as easy as possible–so you get the perfect order every time.


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Take the Hassle Out of Small Parcel and LTL Shipping

Easily get more volume out the door correctly and make money on your shipping, too.

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One More Reason Why Your Customers Will Stay With You

Full visibility of shipment status for your warehouse and customers.

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Identify Invoice Discrepancies in Seconds

Audit your carrier bills from hours to minutes.

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The Ultimate Squeaky-Clean Order

So fulfillment centres can do what they do best. Just fulfill.


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The magic wand that makes any integration happen.

We’ll identify your customer’s needs, build a solution that’s perfectly suited to them and your warehouse, and support it for the life of the integration.

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Shipping rates you’ll want to brag about.

Our small parcel and LTL clients are cutting costs and making money on shipping while still offering competitive rates to their customers.

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You have fulfillment center or warehouse questions.

The answers require in-depth knowledge of operations, technology, and the problems your industry faces. Ask away.

Case Study

Company: Point B Solutions

Describe the current challenges you are facing: We were struggling with the options we had for our WMS for shipping our small parcel orders. The packers were making decisions on how to ship a package that they weren’t equipped to make. We were also taking way too long to get labels printed when processing an order. By adding in Techship+ we’ve streamlined our processes and added the rate shopping functionality which gets our customers the best service for their needs at the lowest price. Our packers are saving 30 seconds per order in packing/shipping and we’re adding value that our customers appreciate.

Favorite Techdinamics functions: Using techship has enabled us to process orders quicker and provides value to our customers through the customized rate shopping by customer. The speed and accuracy of selecting the right carrier and service for each customer’s orders has improved our customer satisfaction while bringing productivity savings at the same time.

Favorite eHub functions: Ehub has been a great partner in providing access to carriers and service levels that we could not get on our own. By being able to add these services we can compete with much larger 3PL’s and provide savings to our clients. USPS has worked really well and we’re adding DHL and potentially others that brings savings to our clients and allows us to manage our margins at the same time.

Anything else you’d like to mention: The partnership of Techdinamics and Ehub has brought real value to our operation. It’s been easy to add carriers or service levels that have brought reduced shipping costs to us and our customers while still meeting the service level our client’s expect.

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