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eHub partners up with a variety of tech platforms, carriers, and software systems such as Warehouse Management Systems, Transportation Management Systems, Order Management Systems, ERPs, and more.

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Why Partner with eHub?

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Advanced API

Access our Ship API for advanced rate shopping, parcel tracking, and multi-carrier convenience. Integrate effortlessly with our Ecommerce API for streamlined operations. Enjoy industry-leading reliability with 99.9% uptime and redundant service providers.

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Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly connect online stores with direct live support. Retrieve orders, sync updates, and enjoy real-time integration assistance. Explore embedded carrier integrations to optimize your carriers and access the best shipping rates.

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Analytics Insight

Enable customers to gain real-time insights into carrier performance, transit times, and trends. Save hours with automated, digestible data, and effortlessly consolidate information across multiple online stores. Understand shipment volume with filtered insights by day, zone, state, and country.

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Shipping Solution

Consolidate customer accounts seamlessly with Multi-Account, ensuring order transparency. Enjoy automated order processing, lightning-fast interface, and integrated inventory management across multiple stores. Simplify international shipping with our Advanced Rate Shop, HS Code Finder, and automated invoices.

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Simplify Billing

Record billable events in real time, ensuring due credit. Gain cost transparency with live updates and improved billing visibility. Customize billing schedules, set recurring fees effortlessly, and enjoy the ease of automated invoice generation.

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