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Companies that sell products online need to have a way to get items to the customer. Having the right shipping programs can ensure that orders are fulfilled quickly and easily with limited need for manual intervention.

A shipping API (application programming interface) can benefit any ecommerce site by integrating your existing online shopping cart tools with a variety of shipping carriers to deliver your products.

eHub’s shipping API provides you with the flexibility and functionality you need without buying any new software.

One API Connection

Gives You This And More

Order Aggregation

Our API connects your shopping carts, webstores, and marketplaces. Access 50+ carrier connections too.

Robust Shipping Solutions

Tracking, rate shopping, label generation, inventory management, and multicarrier connections.

Advanced Reporting

Access the data you need to improve operations. Our API provides advanced reporting to make it possible.

Consolidate Your Sales and Shipping


Our shipping API allows you to transfer information quickly and seamlessly between your current marketplace or website and the shipping carriers.

Our applications include simplified programming with exactly what you need to integrate your store with your carriers to get real-time shipping information for your customers.

It integrates all the major carriers nationally or internationally, depending on your market, so you only need a single connection to access the full range of services from every major global, national, and regional shipping company.

No new software agreements, and no difficult or messy customized integrations required.

Exceptional Customer Experience


The fully automated checkout process saves you time and money, and provides your customers with a great experience from start to finish, seamlessly collecting delivery information, packaging and shipping items, and providing accurate tracking in transit.

Shoppers can choose the options that work best for them, whether that’s faster shipping at a higher price or slower shipping and more savings, and you always know you’re getting the lowest prices.

Provide Customers What They Want


Research shows that consumers increasingly want free or inexpensive shipping options, so having access to the best shipping rates across multiple carriers and being able to deliver fast shipping at a low cost, or free, can provide a competitive advantage.

You can provide consumers with the shipping savings and speedy delivery they want, leading to happy, repeat customers.

Simplify Order Management


A reliable partner that provides comprehensive order management through a shipping API helps you avoid errors that could delay a package, and keeps customers informed while their items are in transit.

The shipping API from eHub is simple to use and implement in your existing ecommerce site, so you don’t need to worry about manually fulfilling orders or transferring information to get your packages out the door.

We’ve already built the integrations necessary to connect every major carrier and ecommerce site, so you get a solution that is ready to go without buying any new software or writing any new code.

With automatic global address verification you can also guarantee that packages won’t be delayed and you won’t lose money on failed delivery or address change surcharges.

Custom Solutions

Built with our API

Zen Sales 

"eHub gave us the functionality we needed to take our system to the next level. We added package-level reporting, the ability for end users to schedule pickups, and commmercial pricing. Our software has never been more valuable to our customers."


"We are able to access better rates through eHub that we would not have qualified for on our own. We spend our time on managing our platform, while eHub powers our rates."


"Integrating to eHub gave us access to commercial epacket, a USPS service in demand from our customers but far out on our development timeline. Once the integration was completed it became really simple to add additional services as we need them."

Earn Money on Shipments

Passing Through Your System

Provide Carriers

All of these carriers want their services available on your system.

Volume is High

When your volume is high enough, they will pay you to make them available.

API Integration

We have existing agreements with these carriers because of our volume – and we share!

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